How to use multimedia to enhance your article

Step 1: Hyperlink

  •  When it comes to the online world, the way to get your voice heard is by using hyperlinks. The use of hyperlinks extends your article further, which can sometimes give it more depth or back up your argument or angle. You can also link your article to other websites or articles as well.
  • Another example of hyperlinking is the #hashtag on Twitter can show users what is ‘trending’ all around the world. Similarly to this, trending works through search engines as well, so write about something that will prove interesting for readers.

Screen shot 2013-01-14 at 13.14.08

Step 2: Video/Picture Evidence

  • These are probably the most important features of an online story. When a story is firstly given images, it clarifies the story, embedding truth in to it. However, video is slightly different. When a video is used in an article, you are really able to understand the expressions, the atmosphere, and most importantly, who said what and how it was said.
  • Youtube is the prime example of how viewers crave videos. Youtube gets over two billion hits a day. Viewers want so much more nowadays, and The Mail Online, along with many other online publications provide visual imagery.

Screen shot 2013-01-14 at 13.12.55

Step 3: Widget

  • The use of Widgets on your article acts as a train station and according to Google, it is an application which enables your viewer to access other services. For example you can attach Twitter, AboutMe page, RSS, Facebook like box and Flickr. The use of a widget gives your readers more information. It also allow your viewer to email you directly. Whether it is more information about you, your work, or your article. Viewers nowadays want more from the Internet and so including widgets feeds the viewers with more information.

Screen shot 2013-01-14 at 13.30.43


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