How to increase the traffic on your blog – Sunny Hundal bares all

Learning to increase traffic on your blog is difficult, because unlike many other online publications, blogs can be opinion ran, and so can be untrustworthy. There are ways in which you can make your blog better than the rest. Sunny Hundal, a professional blogger and founder of Rippla said that a blog must be about how you look at the world and what you think should happen. He also said that a blog should bring something new to the table.

Screen shot 2013-01-14 at 11.02.12

Sunny Hundal (above) created Liberal Conspiracy.

There are 4 steps to making a successful blog:

Step 1: Try to make noise

In the bloggersphere, making noise is like shouting in a crowded room, no one is going to hear you. To make noise you must try and make people think wow, this person knows what they are talking about. You can do this by backing up your story with quotes or interviews. If you can manage that then you will gain traffic quicker.

Step 2: Focus on news, rather than opinion

The truth is, in reality, no one cares about others opinions. In an argument, the only way to resolve something is to stick to the facts and tell the truth. It is exactly the same with blogging. Sunny Hundal’s blog Liberal Conspiracy contains stories with abstract angles but still sticks to the facts.

This is a screen print of the Liberal Conspiracy website

This is a screen print of the Liberal Conspiracy website

Step 3: Be quick and entertain your viewers

  • Find stories quickly to make them current by using social media like Twitter, as it shows viewers what is ‘trending’. This is what users are talking about and generally, this is what you should be blogging about. Facebook as well, with a huge 800 million active users, groups, events and statuses are your way in to finding a story.
  • take funny pictures (generally of cats) and add writing to make it hilarious. Unlike Sunny Hundal’s blog, supplies viewers with light news and entertainment, because not all blogs have to be serious. Use visual imagery to make your blog funny and more interesting.
  • Screen shot 2013-01-14 at 10.48.18

    This image has been sourced from the Buzzfeed website. Click on the image to view the story.


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