Andy Jones talks technology – A professional view

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400 words to go with my interview outlining interesting points


I interviewed Andy Jones, a freelance journalist who writes for a wide selection of magazines and newspapers. The interview is about journalism, technology and the future and Andy Jones talks about his views and concerns about the future of journalism.


There are some interesting points that I was not able to include in my video that Andy Jones said. He firstly spoke about the variety of newspapers and magazines he has written for such as Nuts, FHM, Sunday Times, Sunday Times Style, The Times and The Mail. The diversity of the publications shows the diversity of the journalist.


Andy Jones also spoke about the future of Journalists and said: “Not only are new young journalists expected to be literate with layout packages, like InDesign and TV things like Final Cut Pro. They are supposed to be walking talking multimedia machines where they can be thrown in the deep end at any kind of scene and expected to get on and make different things happen.” This shows that current journalists are already thinking about the future of the media world. However, the question will remain, does experience overrule education?


Andy also used technology such as TV to find the current trends when writing an article. The fact that he said: “If I’m going to write an article about this Saturdays X-Factor, and you are watching people be evicted live on air, you get a feel for how people are perceived on Twitter.” This quote shows that he, alike many other consumers, look for visual imagery for information.


When Andy Jones said: “If I could have a device that I could plug in to the computer that will make it load really fast, because the amount of times I have sat there with my laptop and just watched as that clicker goes round and round”.

This is proof that technology today is still not fast enough for the journalist, even though journalists are concerned for their future in relation to Narrative Science.


Andy’s advice about new journalists only needing a smartphone and a laptop is very useful as it shows the simplicity of journalism, and that it does not need to be confusing. Andy also said that the best gadgets would not make the best journalists, just as the best boots would not make the best footballer.


Click here to see Andy Jones’ twitter.


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