Will graduates become the leaders of digital publishing? A report on an Adam Westbrook lecture.


In recent years, the Internet has become the watering ground for all news seekers. Rather than going to the shops to buy a newspaper or magazine, viewers will seek online news instead as everything is just one click away.

Newspapers and Magazines have started taking everything online, which means, everything is interactive now. Adam Westbrook, a multimedia journalist and a Lecturer at Kingston University said that the Internet will define a journalists career – whether they like it or not.

Adam Westbrook - Multimedia Journalist

Adam Westbrook – Multimedia Journalist

Having grown up in the beginning of the Internet era, new graduates will have a hand up on digital journalism, simply because they will know how the Internet works. This means that all current print journalists will have to become Internet savvy or their career will be stuck in print. However, this does not mean it is plain sailing for the graduate as their new competition is every other website that’s out there.

Adam Westbrook said: “It is no longer about having a million fans or followers – it is about having a thousand committed fans.” This means that you are not looking for the fans that will glance over your article, you are looking for the fans that will read every word and hopefully leave comments or likes. So it is about the quality or your audience rather than the quantity.

The best way to learn about the Internet is to teach yourself how it works says Adam Westbrook.

Whether this is by creating a blog or writing for an online publication or simply using the BBC WebWise Online Course. People will tell you that the secret to digital publishing is things that will entertain people and make them laugh, so when teaching yourself, look at how other publications such as Buzzfeed.com who have used this secret to appeal to their viewers. Once you know how the Internet works, your job opportunities will open up.


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